18K Gold Plated Broken Heart Pendant Drip Store WorldWide
18K Gold Plated Broken Heart Pendant Drip Store WorldWide
Gold Broken Heart Pendant

    Gold Broken Heart Pendant

    £55.24 £64.99


      Has your heart been broken, turned cold or maybe you just love this designer pendant? Then this beautifully crafted Broken Heart Pendant is for you. 

      This iced out pendant hip-hop broken heart is a representation of past betrayal, lost loved ones, hard times or times in which you feel like you had struggled or have struggled and this piece is a reminder that you are strong enough to pull through anything. Iced out silver pendant is dazzling and meaningful which is exactly what I myself look for in a hip-hop chain pendant.

      This heart necklace is not only a fashion trend necklace but also a hip-hop type of necklace. As a fashion trend necklace, it is sought after and loved by many fans. As a hip-hop necklace, however, it is loved by rappers and so on. Don't doubt it's good or bad, we use a fine production level to create a perfect heart pendant necklace so that it can be sought after by more necklace lovers.



      • Material: Brass
      • Material Finish: 18KGP
      • Material Colour: Yellow
      • Stone Type: Cubic Zirconia
      • Stone Setting: Micro Pave
      • Stone Cut: Round
      • Stone Colour: Clear
      • Weight: 30g
      • Brand: Drip Store

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