Giving Back

At Drip store we are very conscious of the ongoing problems worldwide.

Our aim is to give a helping hand to the struggling youths and young adults of today.We want to do this by donating a small % to a chosen charity each year furthermore I personally would like to meet with some individuals who are interested in iced out jewellery and offer them a free piece.

We are working with Centrepoint a charity helping people who are at risk of being homeless or sofa surfing! Sofa surfing is unrecognised as being homeless but in fact is very common for young adults and is not a good living situation.They offer rooms to the struggling people , a warm place , food and a bed isn’t too much to ask for. Sponsor from as little as £3 a month. We will be integrating a donation button in the coming weeks so you can donate directly through Drip Store.

I recently particpated in a scheme with Centrepoint called the #22000 which has silhouettes with the words and expierences of young homeless people one of which is myself, I am really impressed with the work centrepoint are doing to raise awareness with the weeks coming upto chritsmas.

I experienced mum having 2 jobs but not enough money , i experienced being homeless and i witnessed a lot of the everyday struggles middle class people overlook on a day to day basis and as i am now in a better position mentally and physically i want to thank the charities that helped me by helping them and other children who are going through what i have.

I would also like to work with some upcoming homegrown artists as paid models to help with their music career if you are from the united kingdom, Manchester please get in touch and lets get to work!

You can help support struggling young adults today! Click here.


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