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You are our priority. We are a Manchester based jewellers.

I founded this business myself and want to work with the community to give back to youths who are going through the struggle, myself and so many others experience, if you have any ideas please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Check out our Apparel Page and follow @dripstore_apparel. 

Unisex Cotton Mr. Drip Tee | Drip Store Worldwide Mr.Drip | Drip Store Worldwide

we are currently working with a Manchester artist named Ksav. His clothing brand Constantly Cashing Checks is a motivational clothing brand set to inspire you to make more out of your day.NO BRAKES!

 Constantly Cashing Checks Logo | DripStore Worldwide Constantly Casshing Checks | Drip Store Worldwide


We are also working with a Manchester based store Wildlashco

Visit Their cosmetics section.

Here is the link to their Instagram @wildlashco

Wildlashco Logo | Drip Store Worldwide

In the near future we will be opening a physical store.

I want to work with youth's struggling to stay in school for any reason, the opportunity to real payed work inside our store. we will have apprenticeships and permanent jobs for under 18s to get a taste of the work life , i want to do this as i never had the opportunity as a child.

Drip-store-worldwide are coming to take over the jewellery game internationally hence the store name Drip-store-worldwide.

Upcoming hottest sellers of iced out silver and plated gold if you are interested in a piece what you do not see on our website please email us and we will get to work. We specialise in:

- Iced out chains
- Iced out watches
- Iced out pendants
- Iced out rings
- Iced out bracelets
- All custom made iced out pieces.
-fashion and cosmetics



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