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HipHop Grillz


These slugs for your teeth give your dental the upgraded look they deserve! The product features Top and Bottom 6 teeth. Jewelry for your teeth! The top and bottom grill set have everything you need, to shine and have fun with your silver teeth, without breaking the bank!

Teeth grillz can be used for Halloween costume, costume party, music concert and birthday party etc. Wear it for a photoshoot, video shoot, to the club, or just for everyday use. It shines nicely. Looks like the rappers in music videos.. you will be able to talk with it and everything, just take out to eat. Clean with warm soap and water!


  • Brass Base Matieral
  • Silicone Fixing Mould


  • One Size Fits All - Fits To Any Mouth Size, Even A Crooked Tooth Or Teeth
  • Silver teeth grills are the final accessory for the ultimate hip hop outfit.
  • Grillz, the bling for your mouth, will have you looking like your favorite hip hop artists in the latest music videos.
  • Jewelry in your mouth guarantees attention whenever you smile or speak.
  • Weight: Top Grill - 4.61g. Bottom Grill 3.26g.


  1. This product is for entertainment only.
  2. When eating and sleeping, please remove the teeth cap.
  3. Avoid soaking the fixing wax with hot water at high temperatures.
  4. Avoid to contact it with household necessities like skin care


Usage method:

  1. Put white silica gel in the slot of the silver teeth.
  2. Gold (silver) together with silica gel together into 70-80 degrees hot water for about 15-30 seconds, the silica gel soaked. (attention, do not use boiling water, otherwise the silica gel can be soaked and unusable).
  3. The silver teeth (silver teeth) into the mouth, with the upper and lower teeth, gently bite the gold teeth. The soft silica gel is subjected to the extrusion of the tooth in the user's mouth to adjust the shape and matches the tooth shape, which plays the role of fixed stereotype.
  4. If the setting effect is not good, it can be repeatedly finalized, until the satisfaction.
  5. After using the braces every time, after rinsing and drying, store back in the packaging.


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