Watches. The low down on bezels.

Watches. The low down on bezels.

Iced out watches are one of the most common pieces of jewelry in this era Rappers, Basketballers, Footballers & Celebrity all love their watches, especially their top of range watches; rolex, audemar piguet, phillipe patek, richard mille. 

The most expensive watch in the world is a Steel Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 watch which sold for $31 million, making it the most expensive wristwatch ever auctioned. The sale tops a previous record set in 2017 for a Rolex Daytona once owned by Paul Newman, which sold for $17.7 million. This watch consists of 0 diamonds, but is still priced higher than any diamond watch.                                                                                                            

What makes this watch so expensive?

This watch is a one of a kind piece. The Patek was sold as part of the Only Watch auction in Geneva held by Christie’s to benefit research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. For the sale, watchmakers including Patek, Audemars Piguet and F.P. Journe created and donated one-of-a-kind watches, which are significantly desired by top watch collectors all around the world. The fact that the sale was for charity helped boost the bidding prices, according to the auctioneers. 

The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime is the only one of its kind that will be made from stainless steel. some of its best features include a grande and petite sonnerie, a minute repeater, instantaneous perpetual calendar with a four-digit year display, second time zone with day/night indicator, and 24-hour and minute subdial. The watch’s most unique feature is front and back dials — one salmon colored, the other black — that can be flipped or reversed.


 Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 

Source: Christie’s



If the most expensive watch in the world doesn't have a single diamond encrusted in it then what is all the controversy over diamond watches?

The shine? The expensive look? Following suit? What is it?

Iced out watches have been the craze for decades but only now have they really started to become a craze, a must - have in the world of hip-hop world, From Rolex to audemar piguet iced out watches really have worked there way up the ladder and claimed themselves top spot even over their expensive alternate, the plain jane watch. The most expensive diamond watch in the world is priced at $55 million, this watch is known as the graff diamonds hallucination. this watch is decked out with 110 carats of multi - coloured diamonds including green, pink, blue, orange and yellow. So what is the whole gold rush with these diamond watches and why are people going crazy to get their hands on one? 

            the graff diamonds hallucination

The shine is crazy, "you can see my diamonds dancing in the dark" for anyone who loves iced out jewelry they will know that any type of diamond watch whether it be cubic zirconia, SI1, VS or VVS 

Well as you probably know their are plenty of different watches out there from the real thing to replicas to brands designing and producing their own watches so why is everyone so relentless to buy one and why are they so highly priced?

In this day and age it's common for the younger generation to follow suit, copy the 'idols' and just tag along with their friends whilst getting lost in life, a lot of the time the poor act rich and the rich live below their means hence the fact the rich stay rich and the poor get poorer. Right now there are thousands of different 'Iced Out Watches' you can buy online starting at prices as low as £14.99 ofcourse you can expect some defaults and most likely the watch is a horribly produced replica and is not worth the money. (see example image below)

Iced out watch from amazon


This watch clearly consists if very bad production, the stones are handset and very badly done, they are very far apart which increases the risk of stones falling out. Loose/Fallen stones are a very common issue with all types of iced out jewelry. To get the best quality jewelry always take a close look at how the stones are set, look into their original production line and always shop around before clicking the checkout button but when you find the piece you love DO NOT hesitate to checkout.


Casual Wear/ Plain Jane Watches

Plain jane watches are also in high demand and tend to hold their value better than the bussdown watches however offer a more casual look in comparison to the iced out watches we talked about earlier. so what are you going for? value or looks? at drip store we stick by Looking & Feeling Good so dont go out on a limb to buy the latest bussdown watch when you know its more than your paycheck for the next 3 years, but then again hey if you can afford it, ice yourself out.....

Plain rolex watch silver and yellow gold colour

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