HipHop 2020

HipHop 2020

Hip hop

Hip-Hop Music originates from The Bronx, New York in the 1970s a urban group know as 'Hip Hop' Formed. They focused mainly on rapping at events such as; block party's & House party's. Over the years Hip hop has become one of the most recognized professions worldwide with the highest paying artist like Jay-z earning almost $900,000 a show, and the likes of kanye earning unprecedented sums of cash, The yeezus tour wrapped up $34 million dollars for the man.

Hip hop Fashion

Hip hop fashion, also known as big fashion, is a distinctive style of dress originating from African American, Latin and other inner city youth on the scene of New York City, later followed by Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, Memphis, Washington D.C. & Atlanta. It is now spread like wild fire across the entire world with groups originating from the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy And practically anywhere which resides suburban culture. Another movement which spread rapidly was Hip hop jewelry which is a massive part of the Hip hop culture, Many artists who are know nationwide such as Rapper Akon who has recently put pen to paper on a deal to create his own city in his home country of Senegal using a cryptocurrency called akoin, wear Iced out jewellery on a daily basis Cuban Chains and Iced out watches are two of the most popular pieces in the game.

Akon city senegal

Iced out grillz also know as ' Buss down Grillz or Buss down teeth ' are also hot sellers right now with every rapper getting VVS diamond permanents and the fans following but with a lower budget it leaves them the man made alternative hip hop grillz, still iced out, still shining but more affordable than someone who makes millions of disposable income.

VVS Diamond Iced out grillz

Lab diamond Iced out hip hop grill


Upcoming Hip hop trends

In 2019 some hot artists emerged and with that new levels and new trends were set however these artists are still on the rise so let me fill you in on some hot upcoming rappers of 2019 to watch for in 2020.

Lil Baby

Lil Baby has made a lot of impact on the music and jewelry scene since his release perfect timing in 2017 but slowly he has surely become heat to the ears for millions of hip hop fans and artists.His more recent releases such as;

Lil baby - Sum 2 prove 10M

Lil baby - Woah 37M

stunna 4 vegas ft. Dababy & Lil baby - Do dat


Dababy - Baby Jesus

Dababy has had some painful losses recently with his father Kirk being killed the day he was placed #1 on the charts, he then dedicated a full album, a masterpiece created by Johny dang and spent $100k to lay his father to rest in peace, on top of this the baby has faced a short amount of jail time for allegedly beating up and robbing the victim. Tough year but he came out strong and shining with bop on Broadway reaching almost 150M views. INSANE!!!

Diaper Man Sure has got Jesus on his side.

Dababy - Bop 148M

Dababy - Off da rip 14M

Dababy - 21 - 29M


NLE Choppa

The Mexican teen NLE Choppa recently had iced out grillz permanently installed on his teeth.He has released a fire single with rapper Kodak black and 3x Shotta flow has got people raving, make sure you keep your eye out for this kid he is only 17.

NLE choppa - Shotta Flow 119M

NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 59M

NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 3 45M


Recent Hip Hop News

Rapper Kodak black from Pompano beach, Florida, USA is currently indicted on weapons charges after falsifying papers, he was faced with around 4 years of jail time. The hip hop artist well known for his huge Cuban links and hits such as "Zeze", "Roll in Peace", "Tunnel Vision", and "No Flockin" as well as his long rap sheet, recently took to his social media letting fans know whats really going on behind closed doors and how he has been treated. He alleged he was recently spiked with a unknown substance which caused him to lash out with another inmate and he was then pepper-sprayed and assaulted a prison guard, sending them to hospital for surgery with a possible hernia.

Click here to finish reading what Kodak had to say on his time spent inside.

Rapper and activist Meek Mill recently had an altercation with his ex Nicki minaj.

Here's what had to say on the matter.

Meek Mill Gets Into Verbal Altercation With Nicki Minaj And Her Husband. ... Although it is unclear on what started the argument, things escalated quickly when the two men were seemingly arguing over Minaj. They both started to spew verbal jabs at each other and you can also hear Nicki calling Meek out of his name as well.


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