Grillz and where they originated.

Grillz and where they originated.

Golden Grillz 

Gold grillz or gold hiphop teeth are especially popular in the rap scene with rapper's such as Kodak Black, Plies, Boosie And Many other artist's who flex this kind of drip regularly.

Grillz have been around since the early 80’s with Atlanta Rappers like Kilo Ali and Raheem The Dream. The trend spread quickly up north when a New York jeweler named Eddie Plein started making grillz for rappers. Eddie Plein relocated his shop in Atlanta where he renamed it Eddie’s Famous Gold Teeth. Once in Atlanta he continued to design ever-more-elaborate grills for rappers like Outkast, GoodieMob, Ludacris and Lil Jon. Other writers have cited Slick Rick and Afrika Bambataa as an important early contributor to the popularity of grills.

Iced Out Grillz 

Iced Out Grillz are extremely popular in the Hip-Hop Industry Suprisngly more popular than the solid gold caps which diamond grillz originate from.

Rappers Like Lil Wayne & The migos have spent 100s of thousands of dollars on this teeth bling and new its spread nationwide with the artist Katy perry spending a whopping $1,000,000 which actually set a Guinness World Record of the world's most expensive grill.


Rapper Quavo, one of the three migos also spent a big sum on some unusual grillz which were new to the industry. His baguette diamond grill cost $250,000 and was created by well known jeweller Johny Dang Co. Not ony did johny make these flawless teeth but he has created some of the iciest grillz outhere including Da Baby's Permanent Flawless VVS Diamond Teeth costing $20,000 although the rapper has posed without his grillz and has flawless pearly white's he is well know for his diamond smile. 

Quavo | Migos | Baguette diamond grill


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