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Men's Chains & whats right for you?

So Cuban Chains, Belcher Chains, Rope Chains.... Gold, Diamond's , 925 Sterling Silver, 18K Gold plating. there is a huge selection of men's chains on demand Thick, Thin, Long & Short.

How to pick the perfect chain?!

so first things first what style of chain would you be interested in? Cuban Link? Gucci Link?
before we run through the latest hot styles lets go through the process our 18K Gold Plated chains go through.
Here at Drip Store we have a very strategic method for producing our 18k gold plated chains, the base material is most commonly brass however for Chains & Bracelets which contain no Diamonds, we use stainless steel as the base material, either has to go through a process of 18k gold dipping ( Yellow | Rose | White), 5 layers to be exact.
The stones we use are AAA Grade Quality Cubic Zirconia Stones which are handset by professional engineers.
Most stores use a similar process however a lot of stores use cheap materials, cheap stones and stick them with glue which results in a cloudy look, loose links, stones setting far apart allowing them to easily fall out thus creating a replica look when compared to high quality jewellery.
So back to link styles. here are some of the hottest chain/necklace styles on the market currently.


                    Miami Cuban Chain                 Prong Set Cuban Chain

         Miami Cuban Chain          Prong Set Cuban Chain

                                          Plain                             Iced 

         Miami Cuban Chain        Prong Set Cuban Chain



    So, im hoping that opened your eyes to some of the larger more rock out or dont rock chains. perfect for that rapper look and hip hop swag.
    Maybe these chains didnt catch your eye or maybe your going for a more subtle look or maybe you just need a small cheap chain for your pendant. Well fear not here's a few other options which are reasonable priced some are iced out and others are plain lets start with the twisted rope chain.
                              Rope Chain                               Tennis Chain

        Rope Chain        Tennis Chain

           Baguette Chain
        Baguette Diamond Chain


        So now we have got through the hard part, the selection of your chain whether it be a subtle Rope chain or the in your face 19MM cuban chain its time for the next step, choosing the colour you suit best. There are plenty of options when it comes to colour lets have a look at some of the hottest styles.

        Yellow Gold Chains   
        Rose Gold Chains     
        White Gold Chains   
        Anything Catch your eye?
        Personally I like to rock white gold when its a iced out chain and yellow gold when its a plain chain.
        We recommended having only one colour jewelry so it all matches or wearing different sets on different days, as floyd mayweather said he wears different colours on different days (e.g Monday Rose Gold Chain | Tuesday White Gold Chain | Wednesday Gold Chain).
        So now you have chosen your colour whatever it may be lets move on and begin looking at the length of your chain as this is very important, too short it can look stupid and too long it can look ridiculous.
        Let's start out right and actually have a think about the length rather then buying now and regretting later.... Sounds good ay 😉.                                                       


        Chain Size Chart

         So whether it's old school chains that dangle or new school chokers we have exactly what you need. Did you select a size? Which size was that and why?

        Great so know we have gone through the steps to purchasing the perfect iced out chain for him i hope you will have no issue picking out your hiphop chain choice in the future and remember to follow all these steps carefully before jumping into a purchase, wherever it may be from you still want to leave with the highest quality at the lowest price😃.


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