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Iced out jewelry at Drip Store.

We have a range of real gold look Chains, Rings, Pendants, Watches, Bracelets and more. Check out our collection today! Click here Iced out jewellery .

Do You love iced out jewellery? We have top quality hip hop jewelry. 

We sell Hip Hop Jewellery worldwide with free shipping!

Iced out jewelry is a popular market in 2019 and going into 2020 it is looking like a great year for some new designs and big iced out pendants. We currently stock iced out chains, iced out watches, iced out ring, iced out bracelet, iced out necklace, iced out grillz.

We stock iced out watches uk and worldwide.

We do NOT sell fake iced out chains our iced out chains are made from vvs stimulated lab diamonds

Keeping your iced out jewellery protected is very important when maintaining the quality of your iced out jewelry, iced out pinky rings and iced out pendants are best kept in a dust proof bag we provide with every item.

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Iced out chains are an amazing start to your jewelry set and unless you have a huge pendant will most likely be the most expensive piece of your hiphop iced out jewelry collection. At the moment my favorite piece has got to be the baguette diamond iced out chain there is also a matching iced out bracelet.

Yeah we ship worldwide even though we are united kingdom based it doesn't stop us sending a parcel to you.

When we say worldwide we mean worldwide.

Toronto, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Miami, Georgia, Brunei, Ohio, Italy, Switzerland, New jersey and plenty more.


How do i check shipping time or track my parcel?

To track your bling jewelry just click here.

To find out how long your parcel will take from Us to You click here.

Bling Chains

Cuban Link Chains are one of the hottest sellers in the Iced out jewelry game right now in the uk. Gold chains for men and women are hot right now but white gold and rose gold jewellery is upcoming and to be fair taking over the scene right now.

What is your colour when it comes to buying jewelry?

So, Lets get to the point of solving the common issues of Cuban links; fading, discolored pieces, fallen/loose stones, being ripped off with phony or bad quality jewelry. and many more issues i bet most of you hardcore Jewellery fans have come across, please email us dripstoreworldwide@gmail.com and send us the problems you have faced to be featured here on Drip Store!

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