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Drip Store Manchester , United Kingdom

And this is the next part of our story!

young boys from poverty making music to release stresses, struggles and reality's. 

Visit @officialksavv and @neeko_1.7 on instagram

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We are based in the united kingdom , Manchester to be exact and we are currently reaching out to uk rap artist's , male or female to work with us in building their music career, monetizing their Instagram and promoting ourselves who specialize in iced out jewellery uk , iced out jewelry uk and worldwide.

Manchester is great at christmas time we have lights in the city centre's and around certain are's such as; Moston , Manchester city centre , Oldham and Rochdale are just some of the places in christmas spirit this 2019 christmas time.

Have you visited Neeko's Youtube page if not CLICK HERE or on the video below and watch his music video, subscribe to his channel and check the iced out chains, iced out watches and much more iced out jewellery on his channel.

In manchester there are plenty of christmas reminders lets get into a few:

1.Visiting santas grotto is very popular all over the city you can do this in a variety of places.

  • Santa's Grotto at Manchester Arndale. ...
  • Santa's Grotto at Chill Factore. ...
  • The Lanterns at Chester Zoo. ...
  • Santa's Grotto at Oddfellows On The Park. ...
  • Christmas Bricktacular. ...
  • Ice Village Manchester. ...
  • Santa's Grotto at the Ice Village. ...
  • Vegan Christmas Festival at Victoria Baths.  

2. Manchester United & Manchester City release christmas themed jumpers check them out.


3. Manchester also host christmas markets in most centres every year almost a tradition.



Donate to centrepoint today and your donation could help give a young person a christmas dinner.

Warm up somebodys christmas not everybody is living in the best circumstance's however things WILL get better! WE ARE SURE!

Drip Store Worldwide Iced out jewelry Manchester United Kingdom


Have you heard about the #22000 young homeless children in the united kingdom?

Well Centrepoint are tackling this problem right at the guts with great charity events like sleepouts and silhouettes with words from some young adults who have experienced homelessness and have worked with centrepoint to battle this.

I participated myself and here is the finished product, amazing right?

To learn more about how we are actively working with centrepoint click here.

To get involved in sleepouts , donate or read more click here.

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